Department of Calm launches to make workplace wellbeing accessible to spas

Spa industry expert Dr Glenis Wade has created a programme of treatments and training to allow spas an accessible way to offer workplace wellbeing packages. The Department of Calm has made its debut within K West Hotel & Spa in Shepherd’s Bush, London.

Wade, who worked as a therapist in companies including Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa and The Green Rooms before becoming a coach and trainer for workplace wellbeing across a wide range of sectors, said she began focusing on individual stress-management training after noticing that most people decline to participate in corporate wellness programmes available to them, preferring to take control of their own wellbeing.

All the Department of Calm packages blend one-to-one coaching with a relaxing spa activity to create a personalised resilience programme that fuses psychology and workplace wellbeing with spa treatments.

Wade said the programme helped spas to focus on “supporting guests and local residents to cope with the chaos of organisational change, business problems and difficult management styles”. Wade also plans to launch online courses for spa practitioners in the Department of Calm method.