Dermapure takes on exclusive UK distribution for Priori

Skincare distribution specialist Dermapure has signed a deal to supply science-backed skincare brand Priori to the professional salon and aesthetic clinic market.

A leader in science-backed skincare, Priori relies on intelligent ingredients and advanced technology to deliver clinically proven results. The Priori team of skin biotechnology scientists combines over 100 years’ experience and is behind some of the biggest breakthroughs in skincare, including the first AHA line, Idebenone, and DNA repair enzymes.

Dermapure has been a skincare distribution specialist in the UK since 2006, supplying leading brands including DermaQuest, Sunescape and more. The addition of Priori Skincare enables Dermapure to respond to the growing need for personalised, inclusive and accessible skincare, that Priori can deliver through its unique Adaptive Skincare approach. 

“We are excited to announce a new distribution agreement with Priori Skincare in the UK,” said Gary Baulch, managing director of Dermapure

Adaptive skincare that caters to skin’s individual needs, Priori products are formulated using multi-layered ingredient technology that recognises skin individuality. The Priori skincare range includes award-winning products with advanced LCA, Q+SOD and DNA formulas that deliver treatment at a cellular level.

With more game-changing launches planned for 2021, Priori science provides simple and clinically proven skincare solutions that individually adapt to the needs of any gender, age or ethnicity, delivering skin luminosity all day, every day. 

Powerful ingredients are combined in proprietary complexes designed to adapt in real time to the specific needs of your clients, delivering personalised results.

Priori’s innovative formulations are based on skin complexes that offer a new approach to skincare to many of the clinic and spa brands currently offered in the UK. Dermapure prides itself on selecting only results-driven professional skincare brands with proven scientific research and high-quality ingredients. Priori ticks all these boxes, with products that are original, efficacious and appealing to a broad audience.

Special offer for new clients

Not worked with Dermapure? Want to find out how the company can boost your business? Then make the most of this special offer: Order now and receive 50% off your opening package

Dermapure is so confident you and your customers will fall in love with its skincare brands that the company will even swap out your existing stock, affording you more budget and space to introduce your customers to DermaQuest and Sunescape

This offer is only available to the first 50 clinics that contact us to order, fulfilling the following criteria:

Offer for existing Priori clients

Not wanting to neglect existing Priori customers, Dermapure is extending the following offer to anyone who currently stocks Priori Skincare. 

*T&Cs apply for both offers 

Priori UK is excited to be working with new customers more closely than ever before. Contact Dermapure for new training, marketing and to place your order.

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