Digital generation want beauty products that appeal to the senses

Published 24th Aug 2018 by PB Admin
Digital generation want beauty products that appeal to the senses

64% of 16-20 year olds want beauty products that are “fun to use”, says industry analyst Mintel.

Coining this teenage consumer group (born between 1998 and 2002) as AVID – approaching adulthood, video driven, influencer aware and digital natives – the research shows they want colour changing or heat activated beauty items, for example, showing that it takes more than simple advertising to engage the digital generation.

Charlotte Libby, global beauty analyst at Mintel, said: “Brands that are able to take teenagers by the hand and help them in their journey of self-discovery can win these young consumers’ trust and earn their loyalty in the long run. However, learning has to be a fun and pleasurable experience.”

Despite 80% investing in beauty products already, most are keen to learn and engage more with the brands they are using. More than half would attend special retail experiences held by beauty retailers such as expert talks or exercise classes.

Beauty salons are also becoming hot spots for education with 61% of beauty buyers asked saying they are interested in having their skin analysed.

“We’re increasingly seeing retailers turn stores into beauty playgrounds where consumers can experiment with products and new technologies,” said Libby.

“For example, to celebrate its 20th anniversary later this year, Sephora will host ‘Sephora: House of Beauty’ in the US. The two-day beauty convention will bring together brands, consumers and influencers and offer a range of social media-friendly experiences in interactive rooms.”

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 24th Aug 2018

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