Dream Nails launches AI chat tool to answer clients' nail queries

Salon franchise, Dream Nails has announced the launch of an AI chat tool available on web and WhatsApp to provide 24/7 support and answers to clients’ common questions about treatments, prices and more aiming to enhance customer service and a personalised experience in the nail industry. 

The 24/7 nail expert will be able to immediately tell clients the difference between gel polish and builder gel, the cost of nail art and other questions that nail techs get repeatedly asked that take time out of their day and attention away from clients. The solution will be rolled out at all Dream Nails salons which have multiple locations in Essex and East London, and offers a wide range of nail treatments and systems from Biosculpture to SNS Dipping Powder as well as brow and lash treatments. 

“At Dream Nails, we believe that the heart of a great nail treatment lies in the personal connection between the technician and the client,” said Thanh Vu, CEO of Dream Nails.  “With AI taking care of the routine tasks, our talented team can devote their full attention to  delivering personalised, high-quality nail care that our clients deserve.” 

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Next in their sights is a seamless appointment booking and management platform powered by their AI assistant. “You’ll never need to log in or waste time filling in forms. Just a quick message and your appointment is booked – a simple and hassle-free experience every time” says Thanh.

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