Dubai resort spa market sees 6% treatment revenue increase

Image: Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort

The Dubai resort spa market saw a 6% increase in treatment revenue in the first half of 2015, compared to the same period last year, according to new data.

The inaugural Dubai Spa Benchmark report, published by the hotel division of global real estate company Colliers International, is based on data from 216 treatment rooms, provided by Dubai operators.

The report looked at three spa categories in Dubai: beach and desert resort spas, city hotel spas and standalone day spas. While the market as a whole saw a year-on-year increase compared to 2014, report found that city hotel spas actually saw a 6% drop in treatment revenue.

Treatment room utilisation at standalone day spas was found to be the highest, at 26%, while it was 22% for beach and desert resort spas and the lowest, 16%, for city hotel spas. 

The overwhelming majority, 79%, of guests at guests at standalone day spas are female, while the breakdown is 50/50 at beach and desert resort spas and 52% female and 48% male at city hotel spas.

As many as 74% of clients at beach and desert resort spas are in-house hotel guests, with just 26% being walk-in guests. The corresponding figure for city hotel spas is 57% in-house hotel guests and 43% walk-in guests.

Daily treatment revenue per available room was the highest at beach and resort spas, at US$247 (£164) while it was US$169 (£112) for city hotel spas and $162 (£108) for standalone day spas.

Spa revenue per occupied hotel room was also higher for beach and desert resorts, at US$13 (£7) with the equivalent figure for city hotel spas being US$6 (£4).