EasyHotel comes to pale Brits' rescue with "easy tan" sachets

Super-budget hotel chain easyHotel is trialling fake tan sachets for its Uk guests, with the hope of providing brits with a sun-kissed glow, despite the unpredictable English weather.

The sachets, costing £2.99, will debut in Newcastle in response to demand, with plans underway for ranges in London, Birmingham and Edinburgh. The range is named after each location with Zest End (West End, London) and Tanchester (Manchester) in the pipe line. 

Laurie Walters, segment analyst at easyHotel, said: “We’re developing a range of fake tan tones that fit with contemporary fashion trends. There are no plans to develop a tan that matches our famous corporate colours, although guests who use the sachets might find that they tone more closely with our room décor.”

The optional sachets planned for release from the 15th July will be followed by a range of exotic fake window views that guests can velcrow to the wall to further accentuate the ‘getting away from it all’ feeling, wihtout the huge price tag.

Walters added: “We’ve had the best spring for sunshine for many years, but everyone knows that the British summer is at best unpredictable. Our exclusive tan sachets mean that guests can go back to work with a glow that will be the envy of their colleagues.”

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