37% of eczema sufferers say the condition affects their confidence daily

Published 16th Sep 2021 by PB Admin
37% of eczema sufferers say the condition affects their confidence daily

More than a third (37%) of eczema sufferers say the skin condition affects their confidence daily, according to research by dry skin specialists Epaderm.

The research, conducted in aid of Eczema Awareness Week (September 13–19), found that more than 30% of people with the skin condition or dry skin have been asked, “what’s wrong with your skin”, while 21% have had people comment on the issue saying, “at least it’s only dry skin”. 

When it comes to other awkward things eczema sufferers have had said to them, “is that contagious” was one of the most common (21%), as well as being told to “stop scratching”, the report found.

These stats aren’t surprising, when another study revealed the emotional impact skin conditions have on people’s mental health, with 79% of eczema sufferers missing work due to flare ups

“Skin conditions can have a profound impact on people’s lives, even when the patches of dry skin aren’t immediately visible to others. It can cause feelings of stress, anxiety, anger, low self-esteem, and embarrassment, affecting people’s personal, professional and social life,” said specialist dermatology nurse Karen Pett.

“My three top tips for helping people minimise the impact are: talk it over and share your stresses with friends and family members, reset with exercise and mindfulness, and prioritise sleep.”

Epaderm undertook a UK wide survey with 1,000 people who suffer from eczema and dry skin conditions. 

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 16th Sep 2021

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