Elemis: Life Elixirs

Elemis’s Life Elixirs collection features three different products under five umbrellas.

Centred on the concept of life balance and mental and physical wellbeing, the collection comprises Calm, designed to “bring you back into the moment” with aromas such as lavender and clary sage.

There is also Clarity, drawing on ginger and bitter orange to clear the mind; and Fortitude, featuring cedarwood and ylang ylang to empower.

Embrace makes use of vetiver and sweet frankincense to free the mind; while Sleep contains patchouli and palmarosa, to aid a good night’s sleep.

Each of the five components include a Bath & Shower Elixir, a candle and a 8.5ml Perfume Oil for on the go application.

The range also features the Wellbeing Collection with two 10ml elixirs, and the Mindfulness Collection with five 6ml elixirs.