Espa Life at Corinthia launches health, nutrition and wellbeing concept BodySpace

Espa Life at Corinthia BodySpace

London-based Espa Life at Corinthia has launched a hybrid health, nutrition, wellbeing and fitness concept called BodySpace in its luxury spa.

Launched yesterday, the concept provides guests with lifestyle programmes personalised to their wellbeing needs, designed to optimise their health, energy levels, sleep quality and strength, as well as enable mindfulness and support rehabilitation.

BodySpace is a collaboration between Stephen Price, co-founder of wellness company SP&Co, and fitness expert David Higgins. The treatments offered are separated into four categories – Technology and Science, Fitness Methods, Nutrition and Gut health, and Fitness Therapies and Treatments.

The Technology and Science element includes components such as Firstbeat and Heartmath heart rate variability monitoring, to measure aspects such as exercise, stress and recovery; while the Fitness Method comprises programmes including the Transformation, Reformer strength and conditioning, and Kbox flywheel workouts.

Three nutritionists are offering their expertise under the Nutrition and Gut Health heading, including within areas such as gut health and the prevention of chronic illnesses; and the Fitness Therapies and Developments programme ranges from performance optimisation treatments to the Normatec dynamic compression treatments, for reduced injury risk and speedier recovery time. 

Espa founder Sue Harmsworth said: “This is a wonderful evolution for Espa Life and our philosophy of creating next-generation experiences. BodySpace is bringing a new, highly evolved fitness and nutrition offering, which fits flawlessly within the existing Espa Life offering.”

Price added: “Through BodySpace we will offer the best scientifically and medically underpinned fitness, nutrition, Pilates and transformational lifestyle programmes available today.”

Last year, the spa launched a year-long programme that examines mental resilience in a bid to expand its wellness offering and only three months ago appointed Aysun Mut as spa director

Image: ©Espa Life at Corinthia