Exeter named best UK city to live in for "skincare wellness"

Published 17th Aug 2021 by PB Admin
Exeter named best UK city to live in for "skincare wellness"

Exeter has been named the best city in the UK to live in for “skincare wellness” based on an array of environmental and social factors, according to a new study by home infrared sauna specialists UK Saunas.

The research looked at pollution levels in each area (µg/m³) as well as Google search behaviour from residents around “skincare routines” and “facials”. Each city was then given a score out of 48 in the three categories mentioned, before being given an overall ranking.

Exeter scored 41/48 for Google search behaviour around skincare routines, 46/48 for facial search volumes, and 34/48 for pollution levels, giving it an overall ranking which put the city in first place.

Chester came in second with a score of 31/48 for skincare routine searches, 48/48 for facial search volumes and 32/48 for pollution levels; while Dundee came in third place, Norwich fourth and Cambridge fifth, the report found.

Another report recently revealed the areas in the UK which have the best tap water for skin health. You’ll never guess which areas came out top.

The UK’s top 10 cities for skin wellness:

City Skincare Routine Pollution Levels (µg/m³) Facial search volumes
Exeter 41 34 46
Chester 31 32 48
Dundee 34 26 38
Norwich 48 3 45
Cambridge 47 2 47
Aberdeen 22 29 43
Preston 44 33 16
Hull 32 31 30
York 21 29 42
Coventry 45 17 29

Brian Clarke, owner of UK Saunas, said: “Thanks to lockdowns and social restrictions, many people will have started to consider the state of their wellbeing even more seriously than before, which may have an even greater impact on the expansion of the wellness industry."

The research also looked at the top cities in terms of physical wellbeing, mental wellness and intimate wellness, with Norwich coming out on top overall.

 This news isn't surprising with 30% of Brits now prioritising self-care since the Covid-19 pandemic.

What do you make of the research? Tell us your thoughts below.

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 17th Aug 2021

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