Pevonia's new Feed Your Beauty campaign pairs skincare with nutrition

Skincare and luxury spa brand Pevonia UK has launched the Feed Your Beauty campaign, encouraging clients and customers to take control of their wellbeing by coupling key skincare and food ingredients for overall health benefits.

The well-known saying is true, “you are what you eat,” but Pevonia thinks it’s more complicated than that – it’s about how well your body uses the nutrients and eliminates the waste in the food you put into it.

Pevonia UK has created simple recipes, taking inspiration from its natural skincare products, to improve its clients' and customers' lives by nourishing the skin and the body from the inside out.

Maritza Rodriguez, global vice president of marketing and communications for Pevonia International, believes that every person deserves to "live beautiful". 

“We should each define our ideal path to wellness and it should incorporate mind, body, and soul," she says. "Within the focus on the body lies skin health, which starts from within. The Feed Your Beauty campaign connects the crucial link between overall wellness and our skin. Feeding your beauty with healthy drinks and nutritious meals is the best way to live your most beauty.full life!”.

Already proving to be a success with Pevonia UK's accounts, these recipes not only taste good, but aim to re-educate and address the relationship between food and beauty.

Tackling the fact that much of the UK's diet consists of unnatural and processed foods, the Feed Your Beauty Campaign explains how these inorganic ingredients and overconsumption of sugar, alcohol, gluten and dairy, trigger negative side effects and inflammation in the body.

These symptoms often show up as blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and sagginess: all visible effects on the skin.

Pevonia UK hopes that by launching the Feed Your Beauty campaign, its customers will start to embrace a healthy diet paired with a skincare regime full of nature’s finest ingredients.

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