Find a Future launches online portal to improve careers advice

To help young people make informed decisions about their future, educational organisation Find a Future is launching an initiative called Youth Panel.

The idea behind Youth Panel is to give young people aged 16-20 the opportunity to have their say on how careers advice and opportunities are delivered in the UK in a range of industries including beauty.

The panel will be formed of more than 100 young people who will be asked through online surveys about topics ranging from their ambitions in the world of work, contact with employers and the choices made available to them. The aim is to drive change in the way careers advice and guidance is given to young people.

Find a Future conducted research that found that many young people on the brink of entering the workplace feel confused and isolated and find it difficult to make decisions based solely on their own opinions. 40% of those questioned felt that their opinions were being ignored, and almost half felt that they were not receiving the broadest possible careers advice to help them make the right decisions.

The launch of the Youth Panel is being supported by 21-year old Josh Valman managing director of design and manufacturing company RPD International. Valman commented: “It can be a really daunting time when you start to consider your future and potential career opportunities. There are so many options out there, and everyone has an opinion about what you should do, but often there’s no easy way to discuss the options open to you, or express your opinions about the world of work."

Dr Neil Bentley, chief executive of Find a Future, added: “It is worrying that so many young people don’t feel they get the right access to careers advice – and even more so that nearly half do not feel they are getting the best advice. It’s essential that our young people have a voice. Without it, we will find it near impossible to improve careers advice and access to learning and work, and skills gaps that have been gathering momentum across industries, including hair and beauty, will continue to grow. This must be avoided to help boost economic growth and productivity.”

Recruitment for the panel is open now.