4 quick retailing tips from Elemis QVC expert Keeley Aydin

In the June issue we shared six smart tips from Elemis elite skincare specialist Keeley Aydin for salon owners looking to learn from QVC's successful selling. It turns out there’s a lot to be learned from on-air experts where retailing is concerned, so here are four more snippets of advice from Aydin that demonstrate how TV shopping channels like QVC can actually help your beauty business.


Tip 1: Change perspective

"Salon owners put a lot of pressure on therapists to retail but for me it’s not about that, it’s about educating and listening to the client and you can then in turn educate them on what they should be using and how they should be using it. We’ve gone past the stage where the client just wants to lie there – they want to see results and know how they can achieve them."


Tip 2: Embrace QVC as an educational tool

“QVC is a great educational tool for clients and does not compete with the spa environment. Often it is the first introduction to the brand and what makes a customer want to explore it further. This on-screen introduction can get them over the nervousness of entering the salon or spa for a treatment for the first time.”


Tip 3: Take a personal approach

“On air we’re thinking about what the customers should be using depending on the season, talking long term about how that slots into a skincare plan. It’s that familiarity, building that relationship – even though you’re behind the camera they feel that you are their personal therapist. My job is to educate – QVC customers are very savvy and they can see through it if you’re just trying to sell stock.”


Tip 4: Boost therapists’ confidence

“Salon owners often don’t want therapists out of treatment because it’s not making any money, but the education has to be done and in the long term it will make money if [therapists] are confident. They can sell the products if they can talk about them, so I’d be running product knowledge tests every week to boost their confidence and build excitement and passion. You have to believe in the products.”


 Elemis' top selling products on QVC...

1.     Pro-Collagen Marine Cream

2.     Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm

3.     Exotic Frangipani Monoi Oil