Germaine de Capuccini celebrates two years of success in epigenetics treatments

Published 26th Nov 2018 by PB Admin
Germaine de Capuccini celebrates two years of success in epigenetics treatments

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Epigenetics is still a relatively new and unfamiliar concept in the beauty industry but, in January, pioneering skincare brand Germaine de Capuccini will celebrate the second anniversary of its exclusive Epigenetics facial treatment.

With a small handful of other skincare brands now beginning to offer epigenetics, Germaine de Capuccini is reaping the rewards of its investment in R&D and its cutting edge laboratories. 

What exactly is Epigentics?
According to research, approximately 75% of skin ageing is due to external factors while around 25% is down to our genes. It was previously believed that we have no control over the genetic factors that cause the ageing of the our skin.

New research has, however, shown that external factors such as lifestyle and the environment have a huge effect on how well our genes can maintain healthy skin.

This study of how external factors affect the genes is called epigenetics and has led to the discovery that, to a degree, we can actually influence the behaviour of our genes to achieve their optimal performance.

Our genes are the instructions for creating proteins (essential for cell regeneration) and if they are not readable by the cell, they can't complete this task. When this happens, the cell can’t function effectively, leading to the visible signs of skin ageing.

What has Germaine de Capuccini got to do with this?
In response to this discovery, Germaine de Capuccini developed an exclusive ingredient named "Epigenol", capable of boosting the skin’s key mechanisms that preserve younger looking skin. It "switches on" the genes “turned off” by the epigenetic factors to reactivate the younger proteins.

This powerful ingredient is included within Germaine de Capuccini's Timexpert SRNS Global Anti-Age On professional treatment and Pro 60+ homecare cream.

Treating the face and eyes, Global Anti-Age On reactivates dormant genes while boosting cellular regeneration. This generates a powerful all-round anti-ageing action that provides firming, wrinkle reduction, revitalisation, improved pigmentation and hydration.

In a self-evaluation test carried out on 173 women, after one treatment 99% reported firmer, more supple and nourished skin, while 98% said they had more luminous and uniform skin.

Pro 60+ is a rich, nourishing moisturiser developed specifically for mature skin that re-activates the dormant genes that have been damaged over time. Once re-activated, zinc glycine complex prevents further cell damage whilst hyaluronic acid maintains skin hydration.

Want to offer your clients an advanced non-invasive facial? Ask Germaine de Capuccini for details here.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 26th Nov 2018

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