Getting your digital marketing right

Guest blog: Anna Bjurstam explains how to cover all the key bases with your digital marketing plan

The critical goal of any digital marketing strategy is to create meaningful engagement with your existing clientele, while attracting additional followers or potential customers. In this hyper-competitive industry, you can’t afford to fall behind with marketing, promotion and positioning – customers can be all too fickle if they don’t receive regular nurturing.

To maximise valuable time, energy and money, your marketing activities must deliver against your broader business strategy and objectives. You should plan annually and review the results quarterly. When you get down to planning the monthly content, look across all your channels – events, website, social media, blogs and newsletters.

While this can feel time-consuming, in the long run it will save so much work. A monthly digital marketing outreach should consist of at least one newsletter, keeping a consistent structure so it’s easier to plan content and making sure to include website links; and three blogs, but try to come up with titles and angles for these in advance to avoid writer’s block. For optimum SEO, aim for 500 words minimum per blog. Lastly, you should also try to do at least one email or social media advertising campaign per month.

Think about what you want to promote and drive action for it. For example, if you want to push a new treatment, this could be a good way to entice lapsed clients back into the spa, offering them a free skin review as an incentive.