Gold dust treatment could provide solution for acne sufferers

A consultant dermatologist has begun trials of a new treatment called Sebacia, which uses gold dust particles to treat acne.

The US treatment uses a cream containing particles of solid gold dust followed by the application of low power laser to heat the particles in the sebaceous gland and follicle. The intention is to alter the glands and pores thermally to reduce inflammation and the formation of acne itself. 

Howard Stevens, founder of private clinic The Skin Care Network in London, is trialling the Sebacia treatment on 50 patients. The clinic is one of 30 centres worldwide taking part in the trials, also including the London Dermatology Centre.

Speaking to The Independent, Stevens commented: "If we can show that the gold particles are as effective as the current treatments, then this could be a real breakthrough for those people for whom topical medicines don't work that well."