Greece's Skiathos Princess Hotel introduces "Mummy Bootcamps"

The Skiathos Princess Hotel, located on the Greek island of Santikos, has introduced a Mummy Bootcamp, specifically developed for new mothers. The three-day programme includes fitness classes, spa treatments, a wellness brunch and cooking classes.

Fitness activities range from yoga, pilates and “baby bonding,” to resistance training, “cardio training” and exercises designed to strengthen the stomach after giving birth.

The “baby bonding” fitness classes have been developed for mothers with babies under one. Designed to tone and strengthen the body and help repair the stomach muscles, the classes allow women to exercise with their babies.

The “cardio tennis” combines tennis with cardiovascular exercises, for a high-intensity aerobic workout. Also included in the three-day stay is a wellness brunch, with a focus on fresh, organic and locally sourced food and drinks.

Guest on the Mummy Bootcamp will also take part in cooking classes, and have two spa treatments included in their stay.