Guest blog: How DNA testing can be incorporated into spa wellness programmes

Fitness trainer, coach and DNA-testing expert Glen Thurgood explains the benefits of DNA testing to create personalised wellness and nutrition programmes for clients

When it comes to diet, it’s a very confusing world out there. Personalised nutrition based on genetics is the latest cutting-edge technology and can help you navigate the multitude of contradictory messages regarding health, weight management and fitness. 

We are all different, and part of this difference is a result of our genetic profile. What works for one person, might not work for another. We live in the era of personalised spa services – and what is more personal than a client’s own DNA.

Via a simple mouth swab, it is now possible to understand how your clients metabolise nutrients, the way they deal with toxins, and how well they react to different type of exercise. This genetic information can be used to tailor a bespoke diet plan and fitness regime, to match their individual genetic profile.

Genetics is only a part of the whole picture and can provide that extra layer of information to help you achieve even better health and wellbeing results for your clients. 

Glen Thurgood is an athlete turned professional coach and trainer who works with DNAFit, a company that focuses on two realms of genetic science: exercise genomics and nutrigenomics. Thurgood will speak about DNA testing for health and weight loss as part of the Nutrition seminar programme at Professional Beauty North on Sunday September 18 at 12pm.