Guest blog: how to give clients flawless skin in your clinic

Dr Ros Debenham is owner of Radiance MediSpa clinic in Exeter, which won the Professional Beauty Medical Aesthetic Clinic of the Year 2016 award. She shares her recipe for success when it comes to treating clients’ skin concerns 

When baking a cake, you follow a recipe to make sure you have the correct ingredients, tools and know what method to use, and when it comes to achieving flawless skin for your clients the principles are exactly the same.

For our industry, the key ingredients are skincare products, supplements and make-up, and the tools are technologies such as laser and radiofrequency, but the method is decided after a thorough consultation with the client.

Here’s my recipe for achieving flawless results for your client:

1. Method – consultation:
It’s paramount to conduct an initial assessment to make sure you’re treating your client’s skin concerns as effectively as you can. It must be remembered, however, that products can be added to address other concerns. There’s always room to change and adapt further down the line.

2. Tools – technologies:

Laser – This type of treatment is great for targeting skin issues such as pigmentation and red veins, as well as improving collagen stimulation.

Radiofrequency – This treatment ‘traumatises’ the skin in a very mild way so that it can stimulate collagen production. At Radiance MediSpa we have various machines that do this depending on client preference – Thermage, Indiba and Omniface. Remember, the frequency of treatments should be dependent on what ritual is used to maintain the skin’s fitness.

Combining technologies – Combination treatments are always good for both the clinic and the client as they save time, increase the results of treatments and deal with multiple client concerns. When you go to the gym you get better results by doing different exercises, and it's exactly the same for clients in the clinic – you get better results combining selected aesthetic treatments.

For collagen stimulation, Hydrafacial and any of the radio frequency treatments work well together. The hydrafacial ensures the skin is well hydrated and so increases the results of any collagen tightening with radio frequency. For acne scarring and enlarged pores, radio frequency combined with dermaroller or other skin needling devices increases the results, as does adding in retinol and antioxidants to further stimulate skin tightening and healing. For acne a combination of radio frequency, Hydrafacial and peel is also great. The Hydrafacial prepares the skin with exfoliation and extraction, as well as providing blue light for the bacteria and red light for the healing and collagen stimulation.

3. Ingredients – products:

Skincare musts:  

4. Make-up: Advise your clients that all products they use need to be mineral-based to support the skin and not block pores. Jane Iredale make-up is great for this.

5. Supplements: These are essential to give the skin its building blocks for collagen production. I recommend Skinade’s daily supplements to be taken everyday for 90 days, then only five days a week after that.