Guest blog: how to keep clients coming in and stop cash going out

When PB North returns to Manchester Central on September 20-21, it will bring visitors a packed seminar schedule from key industry players full of business advice and new advancements to boost your salon, spa or clinic. In the run up to the show we'll be giving you a sneak peak of what to expect from some of the speakers.

Speaker spotlight: Susan Routledge, director of Susan Routledge Consultancy, will share 20 easy ways to turn clients into loyal fans and ensure your business is always cash rich, at 12:00 on Sunday, September 20.


Why have you decided to talk about this topic?

The seminar covers the two main issues that I constantly get asked to give advice on, namely, how to build and retain a strong clientele, and how to keep a business cash rich and profitable. You need stability in both areas to maintain or grow any business.


Should salons focus on attracting new clients or getting previous clients to return?

This is such a huge topic, but in a nutshell, it costs far more in cash, time and effort to attract new clients than to consistently look after your existing clients. Existing and past clients must be nurtured and respected as they already know trust your business. I firmly believe a client should go to a competitor if you aren't going to care for them past their allocated appointment slot.


What are the main things you think salons over spend on?

Chasing solutions without researching first. Salon owners can look for the new shiny thing they think will fix their business issues, without researching the long-term cost implications.