Guest blog: the growing trend of wellness

Jean-Marc Delacourt, PB North seminar speaker and co-founder and CEO of Pure Massage Spa Training Method, talks about the wellness revolution and how to adjust your treatment menu accordingly.

As spa owners and managers, we want to excel at customer service, increase revenue, and create demand for and awareness of our services, but it seems some can, and have, lost focus of what it is they want to do. When thinking about your business, ask yourself what it is you want to share? What’s your mission? What are your values?

Sometimes we need to reset our businesses in order to succeed, asking ourselves the fundamental questions we asked when we first started out, because this reminds us of our goals, which can bring real income, revenue and joy. Only then can a successful plan be worked out and put into place in the hope of bringing results.

Too often I see spas with a menu that reads like a book – 20 to 30 pages long with the hope it’ll satisfy everyone on the planet – but it’s obvious the story doesn’t make sense. You need to start with information on you, your team and your company’s ethos, and then work out what’s the best way to translate that information, along with your treatment details.

Everybody agrees that we live in a fast-paced world, faster than it ever has been in the past. The digital age is a revolution and spas need to embrace the change, move with it and be open to thinking outside of the box. Plus, you need to remember that people’s needs are different to that of 40 years ago.

The relation to our bodies has changed, to medicine has changed, and to health and wellness has changed. For example, more people are gluten sensitive and suffer from insomnia now due to stress, while depression, divorce and obesity are all on the rise. Your treatments need to be tailored to these needs.

Today, we’re most probably the last generation who knows so little about our health. All these changes imply a total re-thinking of what wellness means and how a business can react to this. You need to think beyond marketing strategies because if you make decisions based on the past then you can’t see the trends that are coming.

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