HD Brows rebrands into High Definition

UK brows and makeup brand HD Brows has announced that its rebranding into High Definition. 

The name change reflects the new direction for the company, which started out as a brows-only brand but expanded its offering with the launch of a highly successful makeup range in 2014.

Now a beauty brand – though the brow treatments with which it launched remains integral to its offering – rebranding to High Definition marks the start of a new era for the company.

The transition into the new name, and new logo, will take place gradually over the next few months, officially coming into effect as of February next year.

Chief executive and co-founder Nilam Holmes Patel (left) said: “It’s a hugely exciting time.

"The transition from HD Brows to High Definition will bring lots of positive changes and takes the company to the next level – firmly establishing the brand as a major player in the beauty industry.”