Healthy holidays continue to grow in popularity, report finds

A growing number of consumers are taking health-focused holidays, according to a new report.

Health and wellness travel provider Spa Dreams’s 2017 Health Tourism Trends report highlights the extent to which consumers are now using their holiday time to not only relax, but also recharge and focus on their health.

The report singles out four key wellbeing-based travel trends for the year. One such is the demand for holidays with healthy nutrition at the centre.

Whether it’s a case of a detox or weight loss programme, more and more travellers are looking for a holiday with a tailor-made nutrition offering.

Yoga holiday continue to be popular with wellbeing-focused holidaymakers and the report also underlined the increasing number of luxury and health resorts around the world. 

Consumers have, the report stated, discovered that a holiday centred around wellbeing and healthy living does not have to mean comprising on comfort.

The fourth prediction is a cross-generational willingness to invest time and money in prevention. Holidays to address your health are, Spa Dreams said, no longer the reserve of senior citizens.

Travellers of all ages are now increasingly willing to take time off to care for their wellbeing, to not only ensure good health in the short term but also with a view to remain well in the long-term.

SpaDreams managing director Claudia Wagner said: “More and more people are recognising that on holiday you can treat yourself to something more than just lying on the beach.

“Quality health programmes promote wellbeing and a health holiday gives an energy boost [consumers] can feel long after they’ve returned home."