Hilton hotels refreshes eforea spa offering with new treatments

Published 28th Jul 2015 by PB Admin
Hilton hotels refreshes eforea spa offering with new treatments

Above: The relaxation room in the eforea spa at the Hilton Pattaya in Thailand

Hilton Worldwide has revamped its in-house eforea spa brand with the addition of three new treatments. The treatments, known as journey enhancements, will be rolled out across all 22 eforea spa locations around the world, starting this month.

The three 25-minute treatments have been designed to fit into the busy schedules of clients with little time to spare – but can also be added on as an extra to other treatments.

The first treatment focuses on the head and face, the second on the shoulders, neck and scalp and the third on the feet.

The treatments have been developed in collaboration with master therapist Sean Jordan, who provides massage training to clients including international hotel groups, spas and independent therapists around the world. 

There are currently a further 42 eforea spas in development around the world and the addition of the journey enhancements is part of an update of the spa brand. This includes a new logo, updated interiors at some of the eforea spas globally, and new marketing collateral.

Ryan Crabbe, senior director of global wellness at Hilton Worldwide, said: “We’re at year five [of eforea], so in order to keep things fresh for our team members and our guests, we wanted to refresh.”

The mini treatments have been inspired by ancient healing practices from around the world. The head and face treatment, for example, incorporates Thai massage techniques and Indian head massage.

The option for the shoulders, neck and scalp fuses Chinese acupressure and Swedish massage with trigger point therapy, to create a deeply relaxing experience. The treatment for the feet and legs blends healing concepts from Native American tribes with Egyptian reflexology.

Crabbe said: “We have taken some of the ancient healing traditions and techniques that exist around the world, [adding them to] all of our eforea locations around the world.

“These treatment protocols are really meaningful and there is a story behind each technique. We teach our teams where these techniques come from, to give them inspiration to share with the guests.”

Louise Moore, director of spa operations and development at Hilton, explained that the new treatments are at the core of the eforea spa concept.

“The journey enhancements are the only elements within the eforea concept that [are the same] globally,” she said. “So they are fundamentally our spa DNA; it’s a ribbon that ties all of the eforea spas around the world together. “

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 28th Jul 2015

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