How do HIFU skin treatments work?

The HIFU anti-ageing facial aims to restore skin firmness, collagen production, and skin elasticity. 

As we age, the production of collagen and elastin decreases, this loss of collagen displays as facial sagging, skin laxity, crêpey skin and wrinkles. HIFU works by kickstarting the production of collagen and elastin, to improve the appearance of ageing skin. 

Lynton’s HIFU treatments are performed with the Focus Dual. This is one of the few treatments that can reach the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS), previously only accessible via surgery. 

Deeper layers of collagen fibres are tightened, and the production of collagen is increased. The result is a natural lift with virtually no downtime. That all sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Is HIFU safe?

You may now be wondering if HIFU is safe. The answer is, yes. HIFU technology has been used in medicine for the treatment of various cancers since the turn of the century.

In 2009, HIFU technology was cleared by the FDA for aesthetic treatments and since then has shown itself to have an extremely high safety profile. 

This is further enhanced in the Focus Dual with SAT transducers, which emit high intensity ultrasound waves in a unique pattern that avoids unwanted overlap in the surface tissues.

This minimises heating in the uppermost layers of the skin resulting in a safer, more comfortable treatment.

Lynton won’t bring anything to market without a detailed clinical review and the team ensures that its aesthetic devices are CE-marked to the Medical Devices Directive, so you can rest assured that they have undergone rigorous safety testing and clinical trials.

The Focus Dual has quickly become one of Lynton’s most popular devices as a result of its range of treatment options paired with impressive results. Read Lynton’s blog on Everything you need to know about Focus Dual.

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