How to get better return on investment from your salon marketing

Published 07th Aug 2023 by PB Admin

Marketing is more important than ever, and salons are looking for smart tools to help them to increase client spend without taking up too much of their valuable time.

To meet this need, Fresha has just added a campaign builder to its suite of marketing tools, helping beauty professionals to build and launch end-to-end email and text message campaigns from scratch.

With a simple drag-and-drop system, you can create content, segment your audience, schedule your email sends, and reach out to your clients via text message. 

Not only will all these things help you keep your clients informed, but you can do it all quickly, right from your phone. 

This campaign builder is the newest update to Fresha’s subscription-free suite of beauty salon management tools designed to enhance its platform. 

How does Fresha’s campaign builder work?

Drag-and-drop builder: This new marketing tool is a powerful and intuitive drag-and-drop campaign builder. You don’t need specialised marketing knowledge to make it work for you, and it’s built with busy salon owners and staff members in mind.

Free template gallery: The email builder comes with a free gallery full of templates you can use to send messages in minutes. Each template can also be edited to match your salon’s branding, so everything you send out is cohesive. 

Emails and text messages: The unique, multichannel campaign function lets you reach clients with email-style content via text messages, or shorter, post-appointment thank you messages that’ll make your clients feel valued.

Simple retargeting: With the campaign builder, you can also retarget your messaging to get more value from your campaigns and reach even more people.

Campaign reporting: You can evaluate all of this activity with enhanced reports that’ll give you visibility of your success so far, and help you make decisions about future marketing activity.

Boosted bookings: Fresha partners who use this suite of marketing tools have seen at least four times their return on investment from email and text message campaigns. With this new tool, those results will only improve.

Fresha is constantly innovating, and this is the latest addition to its ecosystem of features to help salon owners maximise their time and focus on taking care of clients. 

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This is a sponsored post in association with Fresha.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 07th Aug 2023

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