Why your beauty salon should invest in a retinol-based skincare line

Published 03rd Apr 2020 by PB Admin
Why your beauty salon should invest in a retinol-based skincare line

What is retinol? Chances are you’ve heard of it – perhaps you’ve even used it before – but do you really know what it can do for the skin? 

Image Skincare takes a closer look at what retinol is, what it does and why it’s known as a wonder ingredient of skincare, as well as dispelling some rumours about its use.

Should you bring a retinol-based skincare line into your beauty business? 

Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A – an excellent antioxidant and skin cell communicator. It works by attaching itself to the cells and telling them to act healthy and younger, causing them to turn over faster, making way for new growth. 

It also hinders the breakdown of collagen and thickens the deep layer of skin where wrinkles first start, making retinol extremely effective in not only decreasing fine lines, but also reducing pore size, improving texture, stimulating collagen production, and managing acne and discoloration. 

Image Skincare ageless range

What are the common myths about retinol?

While retinol is the best age eraser available, it doesn’t come without side effects. For some, retinol can cause the skin to become irritated. This is far more common when using the prescription form of retinol known as retinoic acid, retin-A or Tretinoin which, as you might suspect, is a much higher concentration. 

Retinol on the other hand is milder and is converted into retinoic acid when absorbed into the skin. At Image Skincare, we advise beauty therapists to start clients with low percentages and then slowly introduce it more regularly into their routine.

At Image, we also use a unique delivery system, which delivers actives quicker, giving a more effective result without irritation. One of the reasons our retinol products cause less irritation is because of the combination of other ingredients formulated to soothe and hydrate.

It’s hard to dismiss the scientific proven results of this miracle product, and it’s well worth checking out the variety of retinol products that Image Skincare offers.

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 03rd Apr 2020

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