How spas are prioritising sustainability

Published 14th Jun 2023 by PB Admin

Refillable toiletries, local sourcing and plastic reduction have been revealed as some of the most popular ways spas are working towards sustainability, according to a survey by spa booking agency Spaseekers.

Spaseekers conducted a survey among its Green Spa partners to evaluate their sustainability efforts. 

The spas have implemented a number of eco-friendly practices, demonstrating their dedication to preserving the environment, while delivering exceptional spa experiences, contributing to conserving resources and reducing their carbon footprint. 

Here’s how UK spas are working towards becoming more sustainable:

  1. Refillable toiletries: The majority of Green Spa partners (95%) have embraced refillable toiletries. By reducing single-use plastic bottles, they contribute to a more sustainable spa industry.

  2. Towel wash policy: To minimise water and energy waste, 95% of Green Spa partners have implemented a towel wash policy. By encouraging guests to reuse towels, they actively contribute to the preservation of vital resources.

  3. Local sourcing: The Green Spa partners understand the importance of supporting local communities and reducing their carbon footprint. An impressive 95% of partners prioritise locally sourced food, providing guests with fresh, sustainable, and delicious experiences.

  4. Plastic reduction: In a concerted effort to combat plastic waste, 90% of partners have removed plastic cups and straws from their facilities. This sustainable initiative aligns with the global movement to reduce single-use plastics.

  5. Energy-efficient lighting: Recognising the importance of energy conservation, 90% of partners have replaced conventional light bulbs with low-energy alternatives in public areas. This transition not only reduces energy consumption, but also creates a soothing ambience for spa-goers.

  6. Dual flush toilets: To save water, 80% of Green Spa partners have installed dual flush toilets, demonstrating their commitment to water conservation.

Spaseekers revealed that out of its network of 400 spa partners, 117 have been awarded the Green Spa logo for their commitment to sustainability. 

Of these 117 partners, over 90% have removed plastic, reduced water and energy waste and provide locally sourced food.

The Green Spa badge means that consumers can easily see which spas have been granted the ‘Green Spa’ award, with eco-friendly spas tagged with the distinctive green logo, and they can also filter their search on SpaSeekers to only include ‘sustainable spas’.

Spaseekers director Jason Goldberg said, "At Spaseekers, we are delighted to celebrate our 117 Green Spa partners who have embraced sustainable practices to make a positive impact on our planet.  

“By implementing these eco-friendly initiatives, they not only contribute to the wellbeing of our environment but also enhance the overall spa experience for their guests." 

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How have you made your spa more sustainable? Let us know in the comments…

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 14th Jun 2023

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