How switching to sugaring could benefit the environment

Published 27th Aug 2019 by PB Admin
How switching to sugaring could benefit the environment

The beauty industry contains some of the most consumable and non-biodegradable products in the market. For example, the majority consumers were unaware of the wide use of microbeads in many skincare products until campaigns to ban them began.

“Save our planet” should not just be buzzwords. We have all witnessed the impact of plastic waste all around us. The plea from the environmentalists to governments and industries has been to bring changes and reduce the environmental impact.

In the industry, we are now seeing brands consciously adapting to find alternative natural ingredients that are free from animal derivates, not tested on animals and from sustainable sources.

One sector of the market that has a significant environental impact is waxing. Most waxes are chemically formulated with polymers and resins that act as a glue and can only be removed using solvents.

They can take decades to biodegrade and end up in landfill. Once the wax is in the warmer, the client usually has no knowledge of what is being used on their skin. With most beauty treatments, the therapist will talk the client through the various products on offer and benefits of each one, giving them a choice. But when it comes to waxing that is rarely the case.

Strip sugaring is a natural, ethical and environmentally conscious alternative to the normal waxing products. It is formulated from natural ingredients (sugar, water and usually citric acid).

Not only is it gentle and less painful for the client, but sugar wax is also ethical, biodegradable, water soluble and recyclable – all things waxes are not and benefits that reduce its impact on the environment.

The beauty industry should be encouraging and educating therapists on the benefits of environmentally and ethically sound products.

Rosie Khandwala is co-founder of Aqua Natural, a certified vegan sugar wax product range, and has been manufacturing sugar products for more than 30 years.

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 27th Aug 2019

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