How the beauty industry can help in the early detection of melanoma

Early detection of melanoma is key for survival. As beauty professionals, we should know the different skin cancers and understand how they can appear, especially as we are often in the position to spot changes that might occur on regular clients’ skin.

At Professional Beauty London, I’ll be talking about this exact subject and the MASCED (melanoma and skin cancer early detection) programme skin cancer charity Skcin has launched for therapists.

The online accreditation programme has been developed to educate therapists on the detection of suspicious lesions using a unique training tool. We want those working in the beauty industry to understand the importance of early detection and how to prevent this happening in the first place.

We will offer you advice on how to raise this sensitive subject with your clients and what to do if you feel they have a suspicious lesion, gaining vital life-saving knowledge that you can then share with your colleagues and customers.

The idea is that beauty professionals can become powerful advocates against skin cancer and can educate clients on prevention through sun-safe behaviour.

In the talk, I will also give you top tips on how to share this knowledge in your day-to-day work and will briefly discuss the vitamin D debate, using the latest advice from dermatologists on how best to get enough without causing skin damage.

There will also be a guest appearance by Joanne Morgan, owner of Makeup4TV, who recently appeared on GMTV to talk about her melanoma experience and why as a make-up artist this training is ground-breaking.

One lucky person can even come on stage and get their make-up done by Jo while she talks. Attendees will also take a way a goody bag of sun care products and information at the end. 

Together we can make a difference and save lives.  

Book your ticket to Claire Dale’s talk “Salon responsibilities – promoting prevention and early detection of skin cancer” at Professional Beauty London on the Nutrition and Wellness Stage on Monday, February 26, at 11am. Register for your ticket here.