How to create Gelish's Blooming Lotus nail art

Gelish talks us through this pretty spring design with an Asian flair using the new Kung Fu Panda collection, inspired by Dreamworks movie Kung Fu Panda 3.


1. After preparing the nail apply a thin coat of Po-riwinkle, making sure to cap the free edge. Cure for 30 seconds under an LED light. Repeat for full coverage

2. With Kung Fu-chsia, draw two small lines on the smile line. Cure for 30 seconds and repeat

3. With a Mini Striper Brush and Kung Fu-chsia, create a small diamond shape at the middle tip of the nail

4. Using Kung Fu-chsia, create two additional small diamond shapes for the petals of the lotus. Cure and repeat

5. Continue creating the lotus by following the design using Kung Fu-chsia. Cure and repeat

6. With Black Shadow, outline the lotus design. Cure and repeat. Apply Top It Off top coat to the entire nail, making sure to cap the free edge and cure. Cleanse the inhibition layer and apply cuticle oil to finish.

Images: Gelish