How to create maximum volume extensions without lash mapping

Published 09th Mar 2023 by PB Admin
How to create maximum volume extensions without lash mapping

Novalash certified lash artist and trainer Angelika Borsuk shares how she creates fuller, thicker, volume extensions that look natural and feel barely there.

Her technique for this is using fans of .03mm lash extensions, one of the thinnest diameters. Borsuk explains:

“I love using .03s because they are so lightweight, yet they still create a bold, dark lash line, which my clients love.

“I also enjoy using these extensions because my clients wearing them can easily achieve more than four weeks between infills. This makes my job easier and enhances their results.

“For the looks I created here, I used Novalash .03mm extensions in their London Volume range in lengths 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. I just love the soft texture and eyeliner effect that can be achieved with these extensions.

“It can be challenging using thinner diameters like these, so here are a few tips for lash artists wanting to create volume sets with .03s. The best part about achieving this look is that there’s no lash mapping required.

“When creating a volume fan with .03s it’s easy to grab many extensions at once. Be careful with this. Using too many extensions in fans can weigh down the natural lashes and cause damage and discomfort.

“I recommend to first be comfortable making fans with bigger diameters such as .05mm and .07mm before moving onto the .03mm.

“To achieve a thicker looking lash line that gives the illusion of wearing eyeliner, be sure to bond all the shortest natural lashes with the shortest extensions lengths, which is typically 6mm and 8mm.

“More than half of each set I create is filled with the shortest lengths. This also helps extensions last longer and look more natural as they shed. I teach this to students in my lash extension classes.

“To create a soft, natural appearance, I recommend making fans no larger than 10D when using longer lengths of 10mm and 12mm.

“Finally, to achieve beautiful, natural texture throughout the set, I use Novalash’s three-length bonding technique, a method of application that works with the client’s natural lash cycle instead of using a lash map.

“Lash maps aren’t necessary to produce beautiful results when using this technique.

“.03mm extensions are an incredible tool for lash artists to create natural-looking volume that is also lightweight and comfortable.

“Every volume lash artist should give them a go. Once lash artists get the hang of using them, they’ll never go back, and neither will their clients.”

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Angelika Borsuk is a Novalash certified lash artist and trainer.

This is a sponsored story in partnership with Novalash.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 09th Mar 2023


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