How to encourage clients to "detox" their nails between gel polish applications

How can I encourage clients to “detox” their nails between gel polish applications? 

Many clients probably won’t have thought about giving their nails a detox, so it’s down to you to educate them about how this could benefit them. The best way to do this is to incorporate nail care as a key part of your treatment menu, which will also help boost your bottom line.

For customers who regularly wear gel and other long-wear products, highlight to them that it can be good every once in a while to go back to natural. Talk them through the benefits of doing this – it strengthens the nails, prevents breakages and restores natural nail health.

There’s been a massive increase in demand for gel polish in recent years, which has meant fewer customers are requesting a manicure and polish, which can be kinder on the natural nail. To overcome this, try offering a manicure as part of the gel polish removal process because this will give your clients’ nails a rest and also put more money in your till.

Make sure you also have the right detoxing products in the salon, especially as this will allow you to upsell these services. Some of my top picks are Morgan Taylor’s Bare Luxury Detox Manicure & Pedicure Soak and OPI’s new Gel Break system.

If your customers are looking for nail inspiration when they come in, recommend a nude, natural look. Last year at Salon Services we saw sales of nude shades grow by around 70% compared to the previous year, so make sure you’re stocked up.

Sharon Sandhu is category manager for nails at Salon Services, a UK supplier of professional hair and beauty products, identifying trends and inputting into the development of new products.