How to grow your nail salon business on Instagram

Q: I want to grow my nail salon’s presence on Instagram. Where do I start?

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool for any industry, especially one as visual and client-focused as nails. Being online and easily accessible means you can fill your books and grow your business based on reviews and recommendations faster than ever before. But how can you make sure you’re maximising the limited time you have between appointments to prmote yourself effectively? 

Firstly, look at your business from the client’s point of view and use its strong points to create your brand. It’s easier to make a plan and create content for your channels if you know what you’re selling to the world. Make guidelines for your colour scheme, layout options and general look and feel of your posts, and stick to them. 

Next, figure out which platform you engage with your target market on the most, for example Instagram, and dedicate the majority of your time to it. Then, use your other platforms to direct followers to the content on your best-performing channel using link functions such as the “Share on Facebook” button on Instagram. 

Use direct messages (DMs) to engage with your followers but push booking enquiries to your email address to avoid spreading yourself too thin. Lastly, use your insights. All the platforms offer these on business accounts, so use them to see if people are using your call to action buttons and when your followers are most engaged.

Tammy KoslowskiTammy Koslowski is a nail tech and owner of NAF! Salon in Glasgow.