How to help your therapists feel confident in offering cancer-safe treatments

Published 13th Jun 2016 by PB Admin
How to help your therapists feel confident in offering cancer-safe treatments

I want my therapists to feel confident in offering cancer-safe treatments to clients. How can I do that?

Until recently, many spas were hesitant to offer treatments to clients suffering with or healing from cancer and it’s because, unfortunately, therapists can lack training in safety procedures and more often than not, lack the confidence to capably massage clients without inducing discomfort.

Now there is an emphasis on the need for therapists to reach not only the highest levels of understanding and skills, but to have the self-assurance in their own capabilities to deliver an effective and comforting massage to clients, working around any areas of concern.

And that self-confidence really can be learned and built upon. You have to encourage your therapists to be committed in applying new services to clients that will help them relax in the face of more challenging lifestyles, ensuring inclusiveness when welcoming guests who are suffering with or recovering from cancer.

A great way to generate excitement and momentum for cancer awareness in your business is to train as a whole team. It not only builds a sense of camaraderie but helps embed the training as a normal part of your business processes. If everyone is trained equally on what to do and when to refer, the support of the team will provide the vital confidence for an exceptional standard of treatment.

I’ve long been aware of the situation in spas where people undergoing or recovering from cancer treatment have been unable to enjoy the same relaxation comforts as everyone else, which is why I partnered with Wellness for Cancer – the spa and wellness industry organisation set up to establish training and standards for treating cancer patients – in establishing a cancer-safe training programme for the spa and beauty industry.

Clare Anderson is managing director of Shared Beauty Secrets, distributor of Lava Shells. She has been instrumental in building the Lava Shells brand internationally.

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 13th Jun 2016

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