How to improve engagement on your spa’s social media pages

Published 27th Feb 2019 by PB Admin
How to improve engagement on your spa’s social media pages

Guest blog: Vivienne Tang shares some simple ways to increase engagement on your social media channels

A great way to engage with customers is to repost and share photos and blog posts from your followers. This shows clients that your spa is accessible and it creates a community of like-minded people, which is vital to be successful – even if that community exists in a virtual realm and never actually meets. 

You should also have a weekly newsletter that goes out to your loyal followers. These are the people who want to hear from you and, as such, you have to feed them with information about new launches, practices and products. 

Another way to boost engagement is to ask micro-influencers (paid and non-paid) to visit your spa and post about it. Get them to share live videos about the experience, highlighting what a particular treatment entails and its health benefits. It’s worth a shot as your customers will be able to identify better with a micro-influencer than a polished, high-budget advertising campaign, and people trust certain influencers because their reviews are real. 

The key is to vet these influencers and find spokespeople who have made names for themselves in the industry that are aligned with your business’s views and values. Once you start to work with significant influencers, they will become ambassadors for your spa and be able to draw in a new audience of clients for you. 

Vivienne Tang is founder of wellness and luxury travel magazine Destination Deluxe, a 2018 WSW Asia Convention speaker and one of Hong Kong’s top 10 luxury lifestyle influencers. 

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 27th Feb 2019

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