How to introduce basic lash treatments into your salon or spa

If you don’t want to dive head first into advanced lash techniques, there are alternative treatments that allow you to get your feet wet before taking the plunge. Start out by taking an express lash course, which is a happy medium between strip lashes and conventional eyelash extensions.

The 30-minute express technique creates a similar look to conventional eyelash extensions in a fraction of the time. Unlike strip lashes, the express treatment gives you complete control over the look you want to achieve, whether it’s a minimalist natural look or dramatic glamour. Express lashes are an apply-remove-replace system in which the lashes last two to three weeks before they must be removed by a professional.

With treatment cost averaging £30 and product cost around £1.50, express lashes are an extremely profitable treatment with minimal outlay. The express technique is relatively easy to learn, encouraging novice technicians to delve into treatments straight after training.

Once you get the hang of express lashes, you will be able to gauge demand among your clients and decide whether investing in a more advanced eyelash extension technique will be right for your business. Many make-up artists find that the 30-minute treatment time fits nicely with a make-up appointment, while others prefer to learn advanced techniques to offer a comprehensive choice to their clients.

Introducing lash treatments will expand your beauty repertoire, in turn creating more opportunity to generate new clients, and increase your revenue. Express lashes are a great complementary treatment to make-up services and an even better stepping stone into the world of lash treatments.

Christina Jenkins is founder and director at The Eyelash Design Company, which owns brands including Lash Perfect, LaLa Lashes and Brow Perfect. 

Image: Lash Perfect