How to make it as a man

Ahead of our feature in the July issue, which asks what it's like to be a male therapist in the industry today, our experts share their top tips for success. 

Seek out supportive people 

"When I first started out the idea that being a male therapist was going to hold me back never entered my mind," says Martin Duffy, owner of The Rowan Tree in Arundel. "My tutors and fellow students at college were very supportive and inclusive, so I never felt that I was any different to the rest of the group. Over my career so far I have undertaken courses with brands including Decleor, Jessica, Sterex, Aromatherapy Associates and Caci, and have never had any issue there either."

Be relatable 

"Male clients are perfectly happy with me – it’s exactly the same when you’re making a female client feel comfortable, you just have to find common ground so you can relate to them. It just might be different," advises Christopher Finch, owner of The Wellington Street Day Spa & Co near Manchester. 

Develop client interaction

"I think [some men] may feel slightly awkward around women in that environment because it’s very personal, you’re working in someone’s aura. It might help to have a bit of training around how to be in someone’s space but be in it professionally, like a GP does for example, and then you might not feel so uncomfortable," suggests Michael Blackham, a therapist, teacher and elite educator for distributor Grafton International. "It's about being approachable and professional at the same time."

Don’t give up 

"It is absolutely possible. Do lots of research into training providers and ask if they have experience in working with male therapists, if there are any stipulations like having to bring your own model if you’re male, and find out if they have experience of offering specific training in working with male clients," says Andy Rouillard, male waxing specialist and owner of Axiom Bodyworks and Wax Academy in Hampshire. 

Where to go for training and advice 

Look out for our full feature on male therapsits in the July issue.