How to make your facials a holistic experience

Published 09th Sep 2019 by PB Admin
How to make your facials a holistic experience

Facials are a luxury that should provide the opportunity for a client to switch off from the world but unfortunately many facials are designed to treat basic skin types, offering limited options to tailor the facial to individual needs or even consider wellbeing.

Taking a holistic approach in a treatment means considering the client's entire wellbeing and mind-set, something that should be taken into account throughout every step of a facial treatment.

Providing a luxurious, results-driven treatment, while allowing the client to switch off from the world is paramount when experiencing a luxury facial, so much so that a series of phases should be considered.

A luxurious treatment begins at consultation – the therapist must build a holistic picture of both internal and external environments to deeply understand any issues being experienced. Once problems and expectations are understood, the client will be relaxed enough to completely switch off. The mind is a powerful tool and one that takes time to shut down and retreat from the environment – for ultimate relaxation it is important to begin this process before the treatment.

The client must be comfortable, warm and relaxed, taking deep breaths and inhaling essential oils proven to uplift the senses and calm the mind. Pressure should be applied to the body, and a dry body brush used to stimulate circulation from top to toe.

Should a massage be a part of a facial? Absolutely. Nothing relaxes the body more than a tension-relief massage, particularly when it is taken down to the feet, the area that receives continuous pressure and tension. This ensures full relaxation and preparation for the facial. Allowing the client to reach an almost sleepy state should always be the goal.

The facial itself should encompass products tailored to suit the skincare needs of the client, in order to achieve the best possible results. Post-treatment, energy levels will have shifted, resulting in a more relaxed state of mind and body – this is how you know your treatment has been successful. Allow the client to slowly come back into the outside world, before explaining how to maintain these results at home – education is key.

Considering all elements of the mind and body takes a facial treatment to another level, guaranteeing every client leaves feeling blissfully restored and counting the days until their next treatment.

Guiding your client through this multi-phased journey will help to build trust and loyalty over time and ensure repeat visits to drive essential revenue.

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 09th Sep 2019

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