How to start offering ear and nose piercing in your beauty salon

The Inverness piercing system is designed to pierce not only the earlobe but the outer cartilage areas of the ear and the nose too. This makes complete ear design a service you can offer to your clients.

For the past 45 years, over 200 million people have trusted Inverness for safe and gentle ear and nose piercing.  

Its system is used in the beauty, jewellery, tattoo and pharmacy sectors in over 70 countries worldwide.

The Inverness system has two unique features designed to ensure the safest ear piercing experience possible. 

Before Inverness was established in 1974, ears were often pierced at home using an ice cube and needle, or in the doctor's office with a loud piercing gun.

As an alternative, Inverness engineered a unique, medically hygienic system that pierces ears in three easy steps: cleanse, mark, pierce.

All of the Inverness piercing earrings are specially designed with ultra-thin piercing posts and a finely honed piercing tip to help the earrings glide through the lobe as easily as possible.

Inverness sterile, fully encapsulated piercing earrings and exclusive Inverness Safety Back provide peace of mind and the gentlest ear piercing experience.

Inverness guarantees a complete 360-degree support package, which allows beauty salons to provide the highest level of service to clients.

The team provides comprehensive training for salon owners and their staff with internationally trained experts.

The Inverness training programme will not only cover the physical piercing process but every aspect needed to develop a highly successful piercing business.

With their fingers on the pulse, The Inverness team will continuously provide all of the tools to promote your piercing business.

Start your piercing business today. Contact Inverness on 01223 828718,

This is a sponsored post in association with Inverness