How to start up your own mobile spray-tan business

Published 10th Nov 2016 by PB Admin
How to start up your own mobile spray-tan business

I'm looking to start up my own mobile spray-tan business. What do I need to consider?

Anyone can get started in spray tanning – whether you have years of industry experience or are a complete beginner. Either way, the most important thing to consider is training.

Take care choosing your course because quality training will not just teach you how to spray, it will also give you a memorable and efficient routine to follow and show you how to create a pampering treatment for your client. Training with the brand you want to use will ensure you’re using the technique needed to get the most out of your solution, and help you think about how to promote your services. These are the things that will make your business a success.

When purchasing a solution, remember that one shade doesn’t fit all. You will have a multitude of clients with different skin tones and who will want different results. Offer your customers a range of solution strengths so you can really tailor your treatments. This will set you apart from the competition and help secure repeat business.

However, therapists should also consider what a brand can offer aside from product. Will they provide ongoing support? Do they help with marketing and business advice? Do they listen to their customers’ needs? Therapists who are just starting out need to think about this because that level of support can be invaluable. At Sienna X our training is comprehensive, covering all of these points while offering a high number of continuing professional development (CPD) points.

Nicola Matthews is founder and chief executive of Sienna X, which offers tanning products and a salon waxing brand and training system. 

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 10th Nov 2016

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