How to step up your waxing game

Published 21st Apr 2023 by PB Admin

Waxing is an effective and long-lasting method of hair removal, but it's essential to know the professional techniques to ensure a successful treatment and a comfortable experience, for both you and your clients. 

To achieve the best results and minimize discomfort and irritation, it's crucial to focus not just on the waxing process itself, but also on pre- and post-care; this prepares the skin for waxing and helps soothe any irritation or redness that may occur after the treatment.

Luckily, the Lycon Waxing System step-by-step provides an easy way to level up your waxing treatment, with a few hints and tips along the way.

  1. Cleanse

Before waxing, it’s essential to prepare the area of skin with a gentle cleanser that contains an antiseptic agent to effectively remove any make up, surface oils or residue. Active ingredients soothe the skin, resulting in less redness or irritation during and after the treatment. 

Hair follicles open when waxing, which exposes them to bacterial invasion that can become inflamed and lead to folliculitis. This is a form of skin infection characterized by tender red spots on the skin’s surface that originate from the hair follicle, so thoroughly cleansing the skin before waxing will greatly reduce the risk of this.

  1. Pre-Waxing Oil

Pre-Waxing Oil creates a barrier between the skin and the wax, giving the skin an additional layer of protection before and in between applications. This prevents wax from sticking to the skin, meaning there’s no skin tugging or lifting, ultimately resulting in a reduction in sensation.

A little oil goes a long way; you only need to massage in small amount, allowing the wax to firmly grip onto the unwanted hair and pull it directly from the root, skin unscathed!

  1. Hot Wax

Always apply the wax against the direction of hair growth to ensure that it fully adheres to the hair. Using a quality wax that can pull short stubborn hairs and leave no sticky residue will improve the results and help to reduce any discomfort for your client. 

Hold the skin taut and remove the wax against the hair growth. Place your hand on the area of skin immediately after. This is a simple and effective way to instantly alleviate the initial sting from the hair removal.

Never. Double. Dip.

Using a new spatula for each application maintains the hygiene and cleanliness of the wax, greatly reducing the risk of cross-contamination and the spread of bacteria or infections.

4. Cleanse

Yes, again! By cleansing after a wax, you’ll remove any build-up of bacteria and waxy residue from the area, reducing the risk of clogged hair follicles and ingrown hairs.

Waxing can leave the area feeling sensitive and vulnerable, and cleansing helps to calm the response from the skin, as well as reducing any redness, irritation, or inflammation. 

Thsi step will also prepare the area for other post-wax care, such as moisturizers or serums, allowing these products to penetrate the skin more effectively and provide greater benefits. 

  1. Soothe

Finally, applying a finishing oil or lotion that contains active healing ingredients, such as Tea Tree or Aloe Vera, will help soothe any response from the skin during the procedure. Don’t forget, a soothing step completes the treatment and is your last chance to pamper your client.

Aftercare and retail opportunities

Although the treatment is finished, your job isn’t! 

Take time to educate your clients on aftercare at home. This is an opportunity to recommend any of your retail products: hair retardants to slow down and inhibit hair growth; scrubs to exfoliate and prevent ingrown hairs by removing dead skin cells; lotions or serums to moisturise and hydrate the skin, keeping it soft and smooth in between treatments.

When you offer a superior waxing service, you’ll increase your revenue, attract new clients, and build a loyal customer base.

Learn best practice in Lycon wax, including correct application and removal methods, how to work with different skin types and hair textures, and how to address common client concerns. Stay up to date with industry standards and offer a wider range of services to clients with training that gives you an opportunity to learn about the latest waxing trends and techniques.

By investing in Lycon training, you can enhance your skills and build a successful career in waxing, whilst keeping your clients happy, healthy, and hair-free.

This is a sponsored feature in association with Lycon

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 21st Apr 2023


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