How to transport your waxing equipment safely

Q: I’m a mobile therapist. How can I transport my waxing equipment safely? 

As a mobile waxing therapist, it is often tricky to transport product between clients without any spillages while the wax is still hot. Over the years, I’ve discovered the best solutions for transporting my equipment, keeping it looking clean and professional when I arrive to every client.

Firstly, never fill your wax pot up more than three-quarters full because this allows for movement during transportation. If it’s too full it will cause the wax to flood out. 

It’s also worth placing a piece of tin foil over the waxing rings to avoid any product getting on the main body of the pot, and I always carry a cleaner in my kit in case I need to do a quick wipe down on arrival.

Your wax should be placed in a tight box in your vehicle – not much larger than the width of your pot – so it can’t fall over while the car is moving. If travelling by foot, keep your wax pot secure in a foldable waxing trolley, which will also keep your other waxing accessories tightly compact.

My final tip is to carry a towel to lay on the client’s floor between the pot and couch to protect their carpet if you drip any wax. If some does fall on the towel, a cleaning product called Sticky Stuff will remove it with ease.

Danielle PowerDanielle Power is a freelance mobile therapist as part of the Secret Spa Elite team and a wax ambassador for pro brand Sienna X.

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