How to treat bacne in salon

When faced with clients who suffer with bacne, they often think it’s a problem associated with teenagers and oily skin. However, this is not always true and in fact acne takes on many forms and affects clients of all ages and skin types. 

Like many skincare concerns, the cause can be because of the clients’ lifestyle, diet and environment, and it is important to establish their habits in consultation to help determine a treatment plan.

Stress can play a large part in how our skin is behaving and it’s not always easy to treat, it really is a case of clearing the problem on the outside and curing from the inside.

It’s often the fittest among us that suffer with bacne and this is because of the large amount of hair follicles on the back that become trapped with sweat and bacteria after exercise. It is important clients keep this area as clean as possible and wear loose clothing – taking a shower after going to the gym or after a long day.

Also advise clients to use a shower gel that doesn’t contain ingredients that might irritate the skin, something gentle yet efficient is what you want.

Thankfully there are treatments available to offer clients who suffer with bacne that are specifically designed to calm and treat the irritation. Treatments that deep cleanse and detoxify the skin will be of most benefit, allowing blocked pores to become released, leaving clients back smoother and less congested. 

Treatments that include a gentle exfoliation will rid the skin of dead cells and help allow your skin to breath. Also look for treatments to include products and ingredients specifically designed to extract and detoxify the skin.

A deep cleansing clay mask is ideal for these types of treatments because it draws impurities out from the skin, leaving it refined and smooth.