How to treat clients with milia

Q: What causes milia and how can I treat them?

Milia are the result of very dry skin or when a client’s complexion is not being cared for correctly. They appear as small white lumps on the skin, typically around the nose and eye area, and unfortunately can’t be removed by extraction like a blackhead or spot.

Milia occur when sebum and natural secretions of the skin get trapped deep in the epidermis and can’t escape in the normal way, becoming solid. The condition can occur in people of all ages.

Occasionally, milia will disappear on their own without intervention, but if they do need removing, it’s important clients come to you to get rid of them safely with a needle or laser.

A good skincare regime will help prevent the issue, so the sooner clients get into a routine the better. The key ingredients they need to be using to help the skin function include red seaweed, blue micro algae extract and hyaluronic acid.

I’ve also seen cases of milia that have been caused by the client’s diet, where acid and alkaline have become unbalanced because the client has been consuming too much dairy or citrus.

You need to explain the effect diet has on the skin and give clients nutritional advice to help reduce the problem.

Donna TaitDonna Tait is co-founder of British skincare brand Katherine Daniels Cosmetics and has worked in the industry for 40 years.