How to use aromatherapy to help stress and anxiety

"While stress levels are on the rise as we juggle the challenges that face us daily, we have a unique opportunity to plan how we can improve our clients' wellbeing as well as our own stress and anxiety, as we plan the reopening of beauty businesses," says Nicola Coffield, senior instructor at Eve Taylor London.

Diffusing essential oils in the salon

"Diffusing essential oils creates a salon of calm and makes makes an instant impact on the client as soon as they walk through the door, when the sense of smell and olfactory system registers the aromatic molecules in the brain, encouraging soothing feelings to ground and balance our emotions whilst supporting wellbeing," explains Coffield.

"Using a diffuser to fill your treatment or reception space with an aroma designed to relax and sooth the client will enhance the benefits during their visit.  

"Look to use essential oils such as lavender, which helps to relax the mind; patchouli, to assist with emotional confidence and anxiety; and mandarin, often referred to as the happy oil as it comforts the emotions and lifts negative thoughts. These essential oils can be found in Eve Taylor London’s Relax Diffuser Blend, perfect to create a soothing treatment ambiance."

Aromatherapy as a treatment add-on

"Within treatment time, you can add extra touches to your protocols to give that added stress-relieving effect," advises Coffield.

"Beginning each body treatment with a warm and comforting foot soak will help to relax and ease the client into treatment. We recommend using Eve Taylor London’s Restelle Body Wash, which creates an aromatic foot soak with the relaxing benefits of mandarin, petitgrain and lavender to leave the feet soft and conditioned. 

"Look to customise your treatments with hydrolat to increase emotional benefits and boost effects. Created as a by-product of steam extraction of essential oils, hydrolats retain many aromatic and therapeutic properties of essential oils without the active actions, making them ideal when a more subtle approach may be required or when it’s not appropriate to use essential oils.

"A few drops of hydrolats can be added into cleansers or moisturisers, spritzed around the room, or directly on to steam towels to welcome the client into treatment in a gentle way. Lavender Hydrolat and Geranium Hydrolat from Eve Taylor London both create a soothing and comforting effect to the senses."

Create an aromatic home experience

"Never underestimate the power of homecare; recommend stress-reliving products for your clients to improve their wellbeing.

"For those who are experiencing tension and anxiety, Eve Taylor London’s Relaxing Body Serum is a time-honoured synergistic blend of mandarin, thyme, lemongrass, cinnamon and lavender to collectively soothe the mind, strengthen the nervous system and aid in restful sleep.

"Incorporating a bathing ritual into their weekly routine can be beneficial for clients looking to reduce stress and anxiety, harnessing the power of aromatherapy.

"Using a water-soluble bath oil with essential oils will allow the client to immerse themselves in aromatherapy goodness and have the added option of using as a de-stressing foot soak."

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