How will I know which sunbed is right for my salon?

I’m looking to invest in a sunbed. How will I know which is right for my salon?

A sunbed can be a profitable addition to your business but there are many factors to consider when making your decision. The most frequently overlooked factor is the electricity supply required to power the bed.

Most small commercial premises are fitted with just a single-phase electricity supply, which limits you to installing only one or two sunbeds – any more and you will need a three-phase supply. If your salon doesn’t already have one then it will involve your utility company replacing the main cable to your salon, which can be costly.

The next thing to consider is whether you want a stand-up or liedown unit as both require different room dimensions. A stand-up unit may take up less floor space but it requires a good ceiling height to allow for adequate ventilation. A lie-down unit will need a larger room and installation can sometimes be restricted by tight corridors and stairways.

A reputable sunbed dealer will be able to guide you through the purchase options and provide a solution that meets your business needs and budget. They should conduct a site visit to check electrics, access and room dimensions, and be able to recommend good tradesmen if rooms need to be built or adapted. They will also be able to advise on a tanning lamp to suit your budget and bed type.

I always recommend that any new operator joins the industry’s trade association, The Sunbed Association, because it promotes good practice in the use of sunbeds and provides invaluable help on compliance with sunbed legislation, insurance recommendations, and health and safety material.

Joe McGlinchey is sales director for Bronze Direct, a distributor of sunless and UV tanning products and equipment. He also owns brands including iXtreme Sunbeds and Insanity Tan.