How will wellness change spa?

Guest blog: PR company founder Julia Kendrick explores the place of spa in an increasingly broader wellness industry.

Our industry is moving faster than the speed of light, so change is inevitable. Wellness is no longer just about spa treatments in an isolated part of the hotel, it’s part of a wider concept encompassing sleeping, eating and moving well in a healthy environment.

The icing on the cake is then often an amazing spa treatment. Spas will continue to be an important part of wellness in hospitality going forward. However, I think we will see some wellness hotels appear that don’t have a spa but are still 100% committed to giving the guest a great experience that aids their wellbeing, with the possibility of offering treatments in a more creative way.

The spa manager or director’s role will also change, with new challenges, including taking more responsibilty for the wellbeing of the therapist team and having to run front-of-house wellness operations, making it a much more multifaceted job. If you are to deliver wellness, your staff must be part of that movement.

It’s not only about providing access to a gym or a yearly health assessment either, it is about delivering meaningful solutions, education and interaction on all topics of wellness, such as sleep, nutrition, movement and stress. 

Julia Kendrick is an author, trainer and founder of Kendrick PR in London. She is part of the “Stream A: digital marketing – what to do and what not to do” panel at the World Spa & Wellness Convention in London on February 24-25. Book your delegate pass here