How your salon can become more sustainable

Now, more than ever, is the time to invest in our planet. This includes shifting toward sustainable practices.

Becoming more sustainable is a learning process. Once the team at Voesh discovered opportunities to implement practices that were better for the Earth, they decided to go full force.

The brand began to make significant changes to ensure they optimised their processes and products to be as sustainable as possible.

The importance of sustainability

Environmental sustainability is based around the balance of the Earth’s ecosystems—humans consume a huge amount of natural resources, and there are also many societal systems in place that harm the environment and its resources.

If those resources don’t have time to replenish themselves, then they won’t be available to us in the future: it’s a scarcity issue. That’s why it’s so important for people to reduce potentially harmful actions and consumption as much as possible.

Even though the majority of us are ultimately powerless to systems that may drastically harm the environment, we do have the ability to alter our own behavior and the systems we have control over.

As a company, Voesh strives to keep sustainability as a priority in every decision it makes. Since Voesh’s inception, they have made modifications to existing processes to become more environmentally friendly and to make a real change.

Here’s some of what they’re already doing to be as sustainable as possible:

• Product formulas are 100% vegan

• Voesh have never tested on animals and never will, nor does it use any animal byproducts in our formulas, and it’s 100% cruelty-free

• Voesh creates non-toxic formulas for the planet and people, and banned over 300 harmful ingredients from its products (following the EU’s cosmetic restrictions)

• It’s ingredients are 100% traceable and ethically sourced

Voesh sustainability goals

Voesh knows sustainability is a journey. The company admits it definitely isn’t perfect but is constantly learning and working passionately with its community to create a more sustainable future.

Voesh aims to maintain the initiatives it already has in place and to implement new methods that benefit the environment. There are always ways to be more sustainable, so it holds itself accountable to continuously improve.

The brand is constantly working on innovative ways to continue its path toward sustainability. Some new updates to packaging are coming this year, with more to be shared soon.

The beauty industry’s sustainability journey

Historically, the beauty and cosmetics industries generally have not been known for sustainable practices or packaging.

An estimated 120 billion units of packaging are produced yearly in the cosmetics industry, which has contributed to the annual loss of 18 million forest acres. This statistic has raised an obvious red flag to brands in the beauty industry, and many have worked to make their packaging more sustainable.

In addition to making packaging more eco-friendly and recyclable, brands are making strides toward sustainable beauty by becoming cruelty-free, using vegan and all-natural ingredients, banning toxic ingredients, and pursuing eco-friendly manufacturing techniques.

Voesh is glad to be part of an industry where many brands have shifted (or are shifting) toward implementing more sustainable practices. While there is always room for more growth, improvement, and knowledge, taking these steps to create change is worth acknowledging.

Voesh prides itself on formulating 100% vegan and cruelty-free products, and loves to see other sustainable beauty brands advocating for these principles as well.

Make every day sustainable

There are lots of easy ways to start living more sustainably as an individual and as a business. Some sustainable ideas include:

• Setting up a recycling and compost bin

• Reducing your own personal waste

• Being cognizant of where you shop and the products you buy

• Investing in more ethical brands to allow them to grow and flourish–you’ll feel good about the products you’re using

Sustainable spa treatments

Don’t know where to start? Treat your clients to a lavender pedicure with Voesh’s Pedi in a Box 5 Step O2 Fizz or encourage them to have an eco-friendly inspired shower with the Clean Ocean or Rainforest Mist scents of the Shower & Empower Duo.

We all want to make the world a better place and make a difference. Adopting sustainable habits and keeping sustainability in mind with everything you do does make an impact.

Sponsored story in collaboration with Voesh.