Ila Apothecary

Natural and organic Britisk skincare brand Ila has launched a new diffusion line, Ila Apothecary. The new line, so far only available as a retail collection, features an extensive 36 products.

Coming in at a slightly lower price point than the original Ila line, the range arrives in sleek black and white packaging that draws inspiration from the apothecary part of its name.

Comprising options for face, body, hair and home, as well as for men, Ila Apothecary is produced at the Ila headquarters in the Cotswolds in the UK, just as with all other products by the brand. 

Every product in the line has been given a number, with each number corresponding to specific qualities and properties.

The range is designed to “nurture the energetic and emotional needs of the busy woman, man and family”.

Products include the SOS Pearl Drops to ease anxiety and have a calming effect; Digitox Face Mist to combat photoageing; Speak Your Truth Aroma Roller; Keep Calm Hand & Body Lotion; and SOS Body Balm to nourish skin and energise the mind.

The collection also comprises the Beat the Blues Room Spray to create a calm and uplifting environment and the Powerful Purifying Face Scrub for firm, glowing skin – and many other products.